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Join the SNAP HAPPY photo project

Snap Happy Photo Contest LOGO-01.png


Class One


  • Look for interesting examples of lines. 

  • Whether it’s columns, railings, steps, window panes, doors, patterns in your carpet, books on the bookshelf, a row of trees or flowers, vertical stems of flowers, bridges, etc.

Class Two

Post LINE image(s) in the Facebook group. CRITIQUE

Class Three


  • Where can you find a flat shape in your house or in nature?

  • This is a 2-dimensional outline of an object not a 3-dimensional object). 

  • What in your house is a circle? The flat K-cup top, clock face or a cereal bowl. 

  • What in your house is a rectangle? A book from above. A piece of construction paper. A paving stone from above.  

  • What in your house is a triangle? The silhouette of your house? A flower pot? A wedge of cheese from above?

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